Greetings to all of you from Sunday 🎀

  • As some friends know, I'm pretty new here and about sets I'm trying to get used to the program during this time Thank you especially to @Shoaleh-Nia 🌹 ♥ for helping me and teaching me about program And Thank You for all who did interest my sets and commenting ,liking and following . This is greatly appreciated.

    🎀 Hoping I ll better for create and so on ..I think there are some really talented people here because I love art and I like every work about art to be done meticulously,I believe that fashion is actually a work of art. so I love it here.
    and I ve created this set for today with another platform .But I wanted to share with you in here .Because it was so much to fun play with it . Waiting for your comments and love ..Have a great Sunday ☀


  • Good luck sweetie your creations are so amazing xo welcome

  • @shoaleh-nia thank you my dear

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