A Tour of London

  • I felt Urstyle was lacking contests and that's one thing I always loved back on Polyvore as they inspired most of my creations. So I took it upon myself to create my own group and host my own contests.

    I plan on going with a travel theme, so sets can be interpreted. I am way more partial to fashion sets as opposed to anything else but everything is obviously welcome. Take things like weather into account, read the scenario and send in what you feel fits the theme best.

    Contests will take place over a week, I humbly request that no more than 3 sets are submitted, old and new creations are welcome and I'll be offering 5 winners with room for that to increase should the group ever grow.

    My first travel destination is London. I am British and it's a city I know well, so why not start here? This is my first contest, I'll be doing 3 different contests set in the same area in different scenarios and then we will jet off to our next destination!

    Please join in, invite friends etc!

  • Magazine Look

    Hey hun 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that you can find the list of all contest here: https://urstyle.com/contests ⬅ This link is also available in the side menu (triple bars on the left) ≡ → CONTESTS. Also, awesome idea for the contest! ✨ You can create a group from here (and see the list of existing groups): https://urstyle.com/groups ⬅ Hope this helps. Have a great weekend! ♥

  • Magazine Look

    P.S. You're welcome to join my group "Magazine Look": https://urstyle.com/groups/magazine-look 🙂 We currently have a running contest: "Wide leg pants" ♥

  • What Would You Wear

    LOVE the idea! Contests also seem to be a big inspo for my sets. I'm dying to travel too so this is awesome for me haha

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