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    I hate that I have to post something like this, but honestly, it's been out of control lately. Obviously it is never okay to straight up steal from someone and pass it off as your own set. I hope I never see that trend make it here. But honestly, the "give credit" culture needs to come back. The amount of blatant rip-offs going on across this site is ABSURD.

    If you are inspired by someone's layout, if you stole a bunch of items from them {not simply saving items, which is fine, but using a multitude of the same ones immediately in a single set as well}, if you literally know that something specific is the reason you made your set or wrote your description the way you did...CREDIT THEM. Those of us who do writing like roleplays and stuff, the same thing goes for characters, plots, etc. I don't like to be the b*[email protected]& who makes a big deal, but for real..... When you work hard on something, set or description, it is SO disheartening to have it just so obviously stolen without any credit your way. Situations like these make me want to give up on this site all of the time. I love the community, but like...basic and common courtesy.

    We all know better. We all deserve better.

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  • It's terrible to have your hard work copied, we had a problem with that on Polyvore, but a small group of us got together and started taking care of it when we couldn't get Polyvore to handle it any longer. I guess we know now why they stopped caring. 👍

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    That used to happen to me when I was in Polyvore since I was a lot more active there. It's really tricky as you have no idea what to do when it happens to you... :<

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    What??! Not here also?? Why do people do that? I mean I can't design like most people here, well everyone, lol but I'm not going to grab someone's work and claim it as my own. That is ludicrous. We share items, there are items to take on URSTYLE Home page. For goodness sake, keep swimming until you improve. That is my motto. Well, Ellen's saying. Great dialog.
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  • This has happened to me, I don't do big sets like the ones we see here, but the person saw my set, liked all the items I used to do it AND SHE DID OTHER SET WITH THE SAME EXACT ITEMS. As if there were not millions of combinations to make another set with differentiated items. I got the links, I have flagged her profile, but nothing happened. Still there 🤷

  • Bravo, just found this post and whatever I can do to help I will. I experienced this on the old PV site AND saw how an outright feud got started with a good friend who was standing her ground with a "set stealer". The friend quit out of frustration and that was awful! I will re-post and keep an eye out for this behavior, I'm just getting started here but I am not immune or new to these tricks, they all get caught . Thanks for posting this.

  • You're right, copying - especially without credit for inspiration - is wrong. That being said, there are things we can do.
    First, let's straighten out something, though. We do not steal items. All items here are shared unless they are kept in "private" collections or used in sets and made available, so there is no stealing of items.
    Second, we have the option here of starting a thread in this community forum to report copycats, something we did not have before. This way we can report it to everyone all at once. At least it's a "heads-up" to those who worry about it.
    Last, those of us who care enough to do something about it can flag the profile of the person who has copied. When enough people do it, administration should pay attention. They have their hands full here with getting this site upgraded and getting the glitches ironed out, so they can't be expected to get it all done at once.

    We can also gently remind the person that the copying is not allowed, or at the very least is frowned upon by our community, and that we would appreciate that it stopped. It must be especially frustrating to those who are on the wrong end of this, to put in all of their time and talent, only to have a set stolen out from under them. It cannot be allowed.

    Has UrStyle made it a rule here? I haven't looked it up. If so, they can also be advised of that (and that they have been reported).

  • @gypsy-jo I totally agree with you, at all. However, when a user sees your set, clicks on it, likes all the items (not caring about changing one item or another) and uses the same items as you, could that also be considered a copy?

    As far as I can help, I will. I always see gorgeous sets here and it's so unfair to have it replicated by a copier. Let me know if I can help in anything, but I'll not always be available cause I got college to attend, however, I'll try to help as possible as I can 'cause I think this s*cks.

  • Well, we have our first verified copycat. I did some investigating and discovered that Tatiana Oliveira has been copying all of the items from sets and publishing them as her own. Sometimes she changes one item, and she doesn't always use all the items, but she is copying. I have reported her, and asked UrStyle if they have a rule about copying, and if not, do they want to leave it to us to gently (I did use the word gently) remind people that we don't permit this? Hopefully they will let me know. I do NOT want to be the "police" here. Maybe there should be a moderator committee to take care of it?

  • @Gypsy-Jo it would be wonderful a moderator committee, this way users can talk to each other about possible copycats and flag the profile in a large group so Urstyle will not let go or just to let people know about copiers around

  • @gypsy-jo Excelent Jo, and yes there is no such thing as "item stealing" but "set stealing" is something totally different. and I agree about the thread too, so lets relax, have fun, get our design on and gently remind those we see who may not understand expectations. When they continue we can start a thread. Love to you and yours, KarenLee

  • Well, I have also experienced the same thing and it is good that someone brought it up.. It is a pity to see your ideas being copied by other users. I want to state that keeping the majority of the items and changing only 1-2 items or the layout/design does not make the set any different than the original idea/combination. The saddest realization is when followers who respond and like your sets, are caught in the act of copying. I do not know how to react to this. I made a comment under the copy of my own set and the user just did not answer. The whole thing just makes me sad. We are here to promote and show our own taste and ideas, not other people's ideas.


  • @maria-i yes right? the copycat simply put on the set the main items and changes 1-2 items to pretend they did not copied when in fact it did. I know the items are here to be liked and used and that's right, they're not ours. but we know when it's intentional, right?

  • @pepperland well, of course, the items can be used, but each one of us combines the sets according to their own taste and especially according to the inspiration of that specific moment. So, I find it weird that another person had the exact same idea and inspiration after several days, and most importantly, after liking your set. I am just very suspicious of such coincidences.

  • @maria-i so many coincidences. you said it all, it's very weird how a person has the same idea as ours even after days 🤔

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    I'm so glad you posted this. I was wondering if anyone else had been copied here. I also have been copied, but only by two members that I know of. One person used all of the items I used in my set and did not bother to hide the copying. Lol. Another person used all the text, the picture, and re-did, if you will, my set with her own bit of twist to it. Sarcasm - It's not really copying if I change it up a little, is it? I'm not surprised the copycats have come to Urstyle. It's a great outlet for releasing your creativity. Some people just don't trust their creative skills and it's easier to copy what they like. Despite this, I do want you all to know that you can use any of my items! I have no issue with that at all, in fact, I'd be flattered! But copying is a whole nother issue. We all know it's uncool to copy. Hugs!

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  • Don't worry! Be happy! ☺


    I totally agree, items are to be shared and since I can't use the clipper I depend on what URSTYLE gives and members are willing to generously give also.
    Thank you for that. Still, stealing is copying another's work EXACTLY, and call it their own. (I own seven cats, does that count? lol) Anyway... I know we get ideas from each other and that should be fine. At Polyvore, they had empty/blank sets you could use to help with creating for people like me that can't design worth a plugged nickel. Wait...if a nickel has a plug in it, to me, that is mighty fine shootin'. er...I better jet before I get in trouble with my talk. lol I love you guys.
    Blessings, Hugs, Warm breezes when it's cold.~§hy

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