Copying on UrStyle

  • I hate that I have to post something like this, but honestly, it's been out of control lately. Obviously it is never okay to straight up steal from someone and pass it off as your own set. I hope I never see that trend make it here. But honestly, the "give credit" culture needs to come back. The amount of blatant rip-offs going on across this site is ABSURD.

    If you are inspired by someone's layout, if you stole a bunch of items from them, if you literally know that something specific is the reason you made your set or wrote your description the way you did...CREDIT THEM. Those of us who do writing like roleplays and stuff, the same thing goes for characters, plots, etc. I don't like to be the b*[email protected]& who makes a big deal, but for real..... When you work hard on something, set or description, it is SO disheartening to have it just so obviously stolen without any credit your way. Situations like these make me want to give up on this site all of the time. I love the community, but like...basic and common courtesy.

    We all know better. We all deserve better.

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  • Fashion Queen

    Great speech! 👏 👏 👏

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